Continuing Medical Education Conference

Continuing Medical Education Conference - "Management of patients with ST segment elevation acute myocardial infarction".

On April 14, the conference of continuing medical education of the Society of Cardiologists of Georgia was held, in which 187 doctors participated. The conference was dedicated to the discussion of the main recommendations of the 2017 guideline of the European Society of Cardiology - "Management of patients with acute myocardial infarction with ST segment elevation". The audience heard the following reports on the mentioned topic:

- Emergency measures during STEMI. Speaker I. Beetle.

- Reperfusion strategy during STEMI. Speaker A. Aladashvili.

- Medical treatment of patients with STEMI during the hospital period. Speaker Z. Kereselidze.

- Medical treatment of patients with STEMI after discharge from the clinic. Speaker T. Kikalishvili

- Complications of STEMI. Speaker R. Agladze. Z. Fagava

Conference participants were given a pocket version of the guideline translated into Georgian and given 5 credit points.

Sponsorship and technical assistance in the organization of the conference was provided by "GMP" - a pharmaceutical company, for which our society is very grateful.